Danny DeSantis

Entrepreneur & Investor

Danny DeSantis is a self-made entrepreneur and philanthropist. Working hard in his youth has enabled Danny to be involved with many successful businesses. Danny is a leader who does not tolerate failure, who drives himself harder than any of his partners and who leads by example.

The Leadership Our City Needs

Decades of successful business leadership in his community has prepared Danny DeSantis for a government leadership role.

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Danny’s DeSantis History

Danny DeSantis was born from hard working Italian immigrants in Willowdale, Toronto. Danny learned a strong work ethic from a very early age, so while still in his teens, he bought a second-hand lawn mower and went door to door selling grass cutting services.  With his new found success, Danny bought a second-hand snow blower and continued, door to door, removing snow from driveways.  Over a decade later, with dozens of employees, trucks, lawn mowers and snow plows of every size, Danny sold his business and gained financial independence in his early 30’s.
          Danny’s new found freedom allowed him to explore other business interests, including landscaping, construction, restaurants, finance, and software companies.  Driving all these companies to success increased Danny’s desire to selflessly give back to his local community in the city of Vaughan.

  • Born and raised in Willowdale, Toronto
  • Started his business in his teens
  • Grew his first business into a major company
  • Sold his first business and reached financial independence
  • Invested in many start up companies and helped them flourish
  • Donated personal funds and his time to many charities around Toronto, Canada
  • Helped politicians at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels get elected
  • Focused on improving the city of Vaughan

Danny DeSantis needs your help to protect the city of Vaughan legacy

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Danny’s love of people and community led him to the political arena. Seeing the dysfunction of the incumbent leaders for many years, Danny decided to apply decades of business success to the running of his political campaign. Danny is a leader who, even though new to politics, has strong command of the issues in the city of Vaughan. Help Danny succeed and make the life in the city of Vaughan even better.

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